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  • salazar: hey everyone just wanted your opinion on something
  • helga: shoot
  • salazar: okay what if we get giant versions of our house symbols
  • rowena: what
  • salazar: like godric would have a giant lion chilling out somewhere and rowena would have a big canary
  • rowena: its an eagle
  • salazar: okay whatever
  • godric: i dont think uh
  • salazar: it cant be too hard to find a huge badger
  • godric: okay dude no this is ridiculous absolutely no giant house symbols
  • salazar: oh um okay because i kind of uh
  • helga:
  • rowena:
  • godric:
  • salazar:
  • helga: what did you do
  • salazar: NOTHING
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"Harry thought fast, his scar still prickling, his head threatening to split again. Dumbledore had warned him against telling anyone but Ron and Hermione about the Horcruxes. Secrets and lies, that’s how we grew up, and Albus… he was a natural… Was he turning into Dumbledore, keeping his secrets clutched to his chest, afraid to trust? But Dumbledore had trusted Snape, and where had that led? To murder at the top of the highest tower…"

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things you may have forgotten because of the movies/fanon


  • luna lovegood has dirty blonde hair (book 5, chapter 10)
  • lily potter has dark red hair (book 1, chapter 12)
  • neville longbottom has blond hair (JKR interview)
  • hermione granger has bushy hair (book 1, chapter 6)
  • james potter is tall (book 1, chapter 12)
  • at seventeen, harry potter is the same height as his father so he is also tall (book 7, chapter 34)
  • peter pettigrew is fat (book 3, chapter 10)
  • severus snape has yellow-ish teeth (book 3, chapter 14)
  • ginny weasley is fucking awesome (books 1-7)
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you know most people’s obsessions change constantly but i’m just always: harry potter

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I think you can tell a lot about a person by which death in Harry Potter hurt them the most.

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I think you can tell a lot about a person by which death in Harry Potter hurt them the most.

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did she get a haircut

does it make anyone else uncomfortable that they changed her entire race because she went out with Ron in their sixth year

isn’t that what happened???

they changed a character’s entire race because she as a character became important and relevant for a short amount of time


Umm, no. They did not change her entire race simply because she dated Ron. Actually think about it. Up until the sixth book, she was a background character that was only ever mentioned in passing, so she wasn’t given a physical description. Then in the sixth book, Lavender was finally described, as having ‘pale skin and dirty blonde hair’. Well, the first few Harry Potter movies came out before the Half-Blood Prince book did, so the casting directors did what they wanted with the character. 

Another thing, the Lavender Brown from the first few movies only appeared in the first few movies. Lavender didn’t even appear in the 4th and 5th movies, because again, she was a background character, and wasn’t vital to the story. The only reason her race was changed was because a physical description was finally in the books, and it didn’t fit what the directors had, so they had to recast her. It was not because she dated Ron.

Somebody spread this shit because I refuse to have this turn into some social justice bullshit

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is anyone else going to make treacle tart for thursday or

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“They won’t be able to see you?” asked Harry.
“We are part of you,” said Sirius. “Invisible to anyone else.”
Harry looked at his mother.
Stay close to me,” he said quietly.

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